Accounting Treatment of Call in Arrear And Call in Advance

Calls-in-Arrears means the amount not received by the company or not paid by shareholders against the amount called towards share capital.
Accounting of Calls-in-Arrears
There are two methods of accounting of Calls-in-Arrears:
(i) Without Opening Calls-in-Arrears Account
Under this method amount not received from the shareholder is not transferred to Call-in Arrear Account .
(ii) By Opening Calls-in-Arrears Account
Under this method Unpaid Amount is transfer to Call- in Arrear Account 
A company may, if its Articles of Association allows, accept the amount against the call or calls not yet made. The amount so received in advance is credited to Calls-in-Advance Account. As discussed earlier, it may also happen in case of partial or pro rata allotment of shares when the company retains excess amount received on application of shares in excess of allotment money.


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